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I placed an order for tires at my local Sam's Club on 11/25/2020. As of today, the tires still have not been delivered to the store.

I was told 3-5 business days is normal time to be delivered. I call every 2-3 days to check the status. Sometimes I call and no one answers the phone after 20 minutes. Just right now I was on hold with Abinell with member care and was on hold over 30 minutes.

This morning I called to talk to the manager and waited over 20 minutes before the phone disconnected. At no times has anyone apologized or tried to see why the order was late. The only answer I only is that the order has not been received yet and we will call you when it arrives. Now I have my Sam's club credit card billing for something I have not received.

This situation is not very member oriented. Do I need to refund the order and go to Discount Tire? Can I different set of tires that are in stock be substituted? Can other clubs be called to see if they are in stock and have them shipped to my club?

I really hope this can be resolved soon. Terrible customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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