Ontario, California

This is at Sam's club Ontario, CA. I went there for the unrepairable damaged tire due to road hazard and the other two tires which have low tread according to one of the technicians who recommended to change them since the last visit for tire rotation at every 6000 miles.

So, I had plan to change them all four with new tires this time because they have $70 discount for 4 new tires purchase. Then, I discussed about that with the manager on duty at tire center. He told me that they only can offer either $70 discount OR the credit toward a new tire purchase for the damaged tire, which means that discount and warranty cannot be combined. So, I told him that discount is from manufacturer and warranty is from Sam's club which included in tire installation fee.

But, he refused to honor it. So, I continued another issue about warranty under mileage for the other two tires with low tread before 70,000 miles/6 years manufacturer's warranty. He said that he cannot help me with that because Sam's club only offer warranty for 4 years (Costco offers 5 years at this point). So, I told him I already talked to manufacturer and explained him about what manufacturer said on their warranty is that manufacturer wants any of their authorized dealers to make sure the tread wear, within warranty mileage and time frame, that's it.

They don't care whichever store I purchased the old tire from and whichever store I will visit for new tire and let the store call them (manufacture) for confirmation and will give me credit toward new tire purchase (new tires must be any of their brand family, but not necessarily to be the exact tire with the one you claim for warranty). But, Sam's club tire center manager said he did not have time to call manufacture today and come back tomorrow. But, he also said that he is not sure he will be there tomorrow and will give me a call if he is there tomorrow. I also talked to the store manager, but he did not have any solution and told tire center manager to help me out.

What I want to say here is poor management at Sam's club, bad reputation to offer their warranty claim, no contact number/email to their regional supervisor, operation supervisor, CEO, etc whoever is their head. I also had bad experience with mattress delivery and customer service on the phone about 4 years ago. Moreover, poor and slow check-out stand customer service at 4 different stores I visited around where I live.

At this point, I have good experience with Costco so far. Costco's reputation and customer service is a lot better than Sam's Club over the last 10 years experience with both of them.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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