Kansas City, Missouri

All the members here complaining about sams club need to shut up long enough to look at the big picture. Did you ever think the person checking you out has a bad attitude because when they said hi to you at the register you just ignored them? Or maybe because every person that comes into the store expects their *** to be kissed since they pay to shop there? The associates do not get paid any more to put up with jerks so why would they be nice the people complaining are the jerks but that have yet to see it. People won't treat you like *** unless you come to them with an attitude!

We have been brought up in a generation that only cares about results..that drives people to become bitter and angry because they work too much and are unhappy and these people come in to take it out on store workers countrywide. I have been cussed out called every name under the sun I have been threatened I go through unbeilieveable situations everyday because of people. They call the workers uneducated and rude when half the people that shop there couldn't figure out how to work the registers I'm tired of it

Instead of complaining do something...raise your children to be kind and treat people with respect...remind yourselves that people working in stores are like you! We have feelings we have bad days and good days bad things happen to us just like you we aren't any different! If you have a valid complaint call 1800 walmart.. Talk to the people who actually make a difference!... Just trying coming in with a smile instead of the bad attitude that you carry! It works for me I have never been mistreated anywhere when I'm the consumer!

Maybe things could someday change if people care enough about it but change can only come from within yourself! I do my best to treat every member with respect and they should do the same for me!

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This NEW idea that the retail employees DESERVE anything from the actual person that PAYS their salary is ABSURD! Grow up.

You have no idea what your customer has beend through before they got to you today! I worked retail for over twenty years. Cashier for almost ten years. Don't tell me how to treat YOU!

Some BASIC training on how to treat WHO ACTUALLY is responsible for YOU even getting a paycheck is needed today! I am sick and tired of this whining immature generation of disrespectful uneducated babies. GROW UP AND DO THE JOB YOU WERE HIRED to do! In the 70's our country became a Service Country because we gave most of our industry to Japan, Mexico, and China.

By the 90's we had the ME Generation who don't even know what customer service is...much less how to give it...

Note the operative here is the word GIVE. I am know an Employer and it is Impossible to find an employee that is even Trainable!



and YES!!! all true. dont be a ***, that's all i ask. dont give us a hard time because your kid wont be quiet.

just let us do our job and you could go home and eat ur 20 gallon bucket of ice cream. if you have an issue talk to us, thats all you need to do.


right on. a smile, please, thank you, excuse me, all go a long way.

but then again, most of us are self-centered anyway and wont see the person in front of them. what a shame...


Holy sheep sh1t batman! A post that makes sense!