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Had sunglasses for a few weeks (didnt wear much) I got them 30% off and still paid $30.00 for them. You can get a better pair at TJ MAXX for 12.00.

No joke they were cheap!!! There was a crack forming on them and I thought I would add glue before taking them back. After they dried i went to put them on and they snapped in half. I hardly return things and the one time I do they turn me down.

*** on them, Costco has better beer selection anyway. Ill start going to Costco from here on out.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #65378

Sorry about that. Your mistake though was adding the glue...

That would be considered tampering with it too.

You should have just taken them back without the glue. I'd bring the receipt too.


Well my friend, your mistake was to glue the glasses. If a crack was forming from your "slight wear" you should have taken them back then.

If you take any item thats broken and glued back together no retailer is going to take them back.

If the item is defective and you have a recipt and tags for proof of purchase then Sam's probably would have at least given you a store credit. Most retailers value and want to make there customers happy but if you try to return broken junk they going to say "NO" thinking it's fraud.

Basye, Virginia, United States #27940

Sam's club is a JOKE. DONT waste your time going to that low down place.

Electra, Texas, United States #14924

I think the beer comment says it all.

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