Mcallen, Texas

I bought 50 pound bag of Simply Right Complete Nutrion Pet Care (Lot # 142212 Best Used By Oct. 20,2014) for my 5 dogs 2 adults and 4 5 month old puppies.

They ate some the first week and then the second week i noticed that one of the females was not eating and was isolating herself. I noticed she threw up and then did better. Then i noticed the following day that another pup named Winchester was having the same issues. I noticed he threw up and waited to take to the vet.

well he died on me :(! The next day i noticed a third dog was having same issues so we gave her pedialyte and pepto and she is doing well. After the second day of trying to feed the dogs they refused to eat and so i suspect something was wrong with the food. The vet.

said toxic poisoning was the reason for the symptoms they were having and to check for recalls on the dog food and to call the 1-800-***-****.

Just wanted to share so that no one has to experience the death of a dear animal.


My beloved WINCHESTER B 01/26/2013-D 5/24/2013

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Dog Food.

Monetary Loss: $25.

  • Dog Death due to Toxic Poisoning
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The comment above was from me, not from South Africa. I bought the bag from Sams Club in Palmdale Ca


Five of my dogs died from this in 2016



My dog recently got sick eating this same food which is now produced by Mars, when I contacted them they were more than happy to refund my money, but I'm very upset there have been absolutely no recalls on this food what so ever because I didn't think about it, but my cat was eating the same brand and now my cat is so sick he may not make it! Shame on you Mars and Sam's Club!


I bought the Simply Right Pet Care canned dog food and my beloved family dog died after eating 1/2 can! I am devastated!

He was our wonderful pet for 12 years. He was very healthy but never ate again after I fed him the Simply Right dog food.


I Want to contact SIMPLY RIGHT Dog Food Company. What is the Phone Number?

WHY DON'T THEY POST ONE? My Young Dog was Poisoned and the VET saved her.. she was bleeding out her anus like a hose spraying.. She got sick again when I Purchased a NEW BAG ..

and now My Older Dog has gotten sick and threw up Blood as well from eating this food too... I Had to Buy A Higher Priced Food.. NOT THE BAG KIND, just to get them fed. My older Dog Won't touch ANY FOOD NOW for almost a week :( !..

I Have VET BILLS from Their eating this FOOD! I have been feeding them this for over a year.. and Still have "BOTH 50 lb. BAGS AND FOOD!!

My Vet said he knows what caused this bleeding..



The lot # on the bag we purchased is 146633


My husband bought the same brand same size bag of dog food from Sam's. Two days ago we noticed one of our female pups was isolating herself.

The following day she died. Today we notice our adult male is breathing slow and has isolated himself as well. We don't have a vet that is open on Sundays and I'm worried he isn't going to make it for another day.

Why has this product been recalled?