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My friend and I were in the Sam's Club in Sharonville OH on 9/14/14. As I was checking out first and after all groceries were checked the cashier had my Sam's card and said it was declined, I asked her to please check it because I had just used it last week.

She said it was declined so I gave her my M/C Sam's and she said that was declined all so I paid cash at that point. My friend starting checking out then this cashier was not friendly at all she was already mad at me, then was taking it out on my friend. After checking out my friend was writing a check the cashier then said NO Checks if you don't have your own membership you can't write a check. This was an open weekend at Sam's to try to get new members with cashiers like this it will never happen.

Cashier then called over another person and she said you can not write a check and use a membership that is declined. With that both ladies and I use that term loosely told us that we could just leave. So my friend and I did just that we left her cart full of groceries and walked out of Sam's. Both of us furious and will never return to a Sam's Club.

If I had not already paid for my things I would have left them all so. What a rude and hateful lady either one in any department that I use that day was nice.

I know it was a beautiful day and maybe they didn't want to be there, but it's their job. If those ladies treated everyone that way you are going to lose a lot of customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Learn their policies. You cannot pay with a check if the membership does not match the check..

And about your sams credit getting declined how about you pay your bill on time. Those employees were doing their job