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I needed a new computer system, so I went to Sam's Club here in Corpus Christi, Texas; I have been a business member since this store opened. The young man in the computer department was very friendly and helpful; the cashier was also very friendly my problem started when I tried to leave with my purchase.

The girl at the door asked me to step aside and wait she had to call someone to speak with me to check my purchase, so for about 20 minutes I sit on the flat bed basket I was using to hold the large box the PC came in.

A young fellow asked to see my ticket, I asked what was going on he said any purchase over $500 had to be verified to make sure the cashier had charged the legitimate amount, he then quickly left.

I continued to sit there, the girl at the door asked what I thought I was doing I said waiting; she asked why I said no one has said I can leave. She looked at my ticket and said the manager signed your ticket you may now leave. I commented I did not like being treated like *** just because I made a major purchase and that was no way to treat any customer let alone ones who make major purchases.

Ready for this? she said I do not have to put up with your insulting me and made a nasty comment about me, I said get that manager right back here now, he came back quickly (this time) and asked why I was there still, I asked him if he thought treating customers like this was a good idea, he told me it was policy and said he did not care if I liked it or not I could go elsewhere, to which I said I hope Sam's goes broke like so many business whom treat their customers like this have already.

Just because I made a large purchase I was subjected to the same scrutiny that a shoplifter would be, not to mention their excuse for the policy is any large purchase may involve criminal activity between the buyer and cashier so it must be double checked. I feel like it was a huge embarrassment to me and insult to their own employees? Just because I had the nerve to make a large purchase??????

I more than welcome comments.

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The tone of your comments says it all...

1. I did not ask for anything, no special discount not a think I grabbed the big box off the shelf and went to the check out paid with my business card ans then attempted to leave.

2. I was in a hurry and just wanted to buy a replacement system.

3. The girl at the door called him a manager, He wore a grey T-Shirt and was young, well to my 57 so when he looked at my ticket I figured still needed to wait for a manager.

4. I have not asked anyone for anything but you display the same attitude I dealt with just trying to exit with my purchase, and make my point that is no way to treat customers who make large purchases anywhere.


You people are so pitiful!!!! I'm sorry, but managers DO NOT say that to people.

It's customers like YOU that lie and call customer service with your *** stories!! I hate customers like YOU!! You probably didn't get your way and are making up some *** in order to get something discounted. That's mainly what I deal with everyday.

Most of the time, I just don't pay attention and move on. But, people like you just need to shut your mouth and deal with it!!!


I think you should have been treated more nicely than how they treated you,they may have rules but they don't need to rude about it!


To "Seriously?!?!"

Why are you on a website dedicated to complaining if you are going to tell posters not to do so.

You are a bit confused.


I work for a Sam's Club in Pennsylvania and we do not make a manager sign a receipt for any purchases. The greeters check every receipt, that is policy, and if it is rung up correctly then that is it. If it is company policy that a manager sign the receipt then they forgot to tell us and the managers need to stay close to the door.


The fact is, they are doing it for the company and your benefit, even if you don't agree. If your receipt says you spent over 500.00, that is a large sum of money.

Often cashiers make a mistake and ring something in twice. Say that item was 250.00, and the cashier rang it through twice. They then did not check your receipt at the door. You would have gotten home and been pissed that no one picked up on the fact that they charged you an extra 250.00.

It IS company policy, and even if a member, employee, or member of management thinks it's completely ridiculous, there is nothing the employees or the managers can do about it. It's all corporate that makes these rules.

If you don't like the service you are getting, the only way you're going to get better service is by going somewhere else where you are satisfied. Complaining isn't going to get you anywhere.