Staten Island, New York
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I went to sams club in horseheads ny for the first time in august of 08. I was looking for a security camera and I heard that they sold them.

I found 3 identical security cameras each packaged separately, although one of the packages was mutiliated (obviously a return). I looked at the package contents and each package contained everything needed to operate each camera independently. there was no price to be found, so I took it to the service desk to have it priced. The "associate" told me the cameras couldn't be sold seperately as they were supposedly a set of four.

I showed him where I got the camera and the other two cameras were laying in an upside down box lid. (not the camera box, that was no where to be found, nor was the other camera anywhere. I just wanted to purchase one camera. He said they could only be sold as a aset and the cost was 318.00.

Why would I want to buy a "set" of cameras for 318.00 when #1 one camera was missing from the "set" #2 one cameras packaging was mutiliated and so too probably was that camera. And #3 there was no original packaging, paperwork, instructions, ect. to be found! It seems to me that they could have sold each camera individually for 100.00 and made a sale, and had a happy customer.

Instead they must have thought that I would be *** enough to buy a 4 camera set with 3 cameras(one obviously used and probably broken by the looks of it) and no original packaging, warranty card or anything for the original price of 318.00. I bet those cameras are sill setting there collecting dust. I found my cameras at rite aid for 39.99 each and they work great!

to *** with you sams club.

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Sam's Club is a wholesale bulk sales store, many products are either wholesale size or packaged in multiples. Cashiers have no way to ring them otherwise. A manager should have been able to work out a deal in your case, though I don;t understand why a mutilated package like that was even on the shelf.