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To the President of the Company January 19, 2008

I am an American. I live in San Antonio TX. I bought a book in September 2007, called The Secret at Sam's club in San Antonio Texas located at North West loop 410 without realizing it the book was in Spanish so I returned to exchange it for the English version and to my surprise I had to pay more for the English version. It is not the few cents more, but the principle. I would appreciate it if you could tell me why I have to pay more money for a book in English..

Sincerely,Linda Tedford6802 N. Forest CrestSan Antonio, Texas 78240Hm. # 210-647-****Cell # 210-363-****Living in America

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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First of all, I can't believe they would sell a book by that title at Sam's Club. If we tell everyone our secrets, they'll all want to do it.

I also can't believe you'd buy a book like that without thumbing through a copy, which, of course, would have made it obvious that it was printed in Spanish.

By now, you should have learned; from the English version; that the secret to Sam's club is buy as much as you can from the Chinese, as little as possible from USA manufacturers and hope nobody notices. And when I say "as little as possible" I mean just enough so you can have some items in stock that say "made in USA" so you can point to them and tell your customers that you carry such products. It's really not novel to Sam's and Walmart.

Every large retailer in the US does it. All the electonics are made overseas where labor is cheap.

And they pay us the same way. In chinese yen.


less people are purchasing the spanish version of the book so by dropping the price on the spanish version, it may make a bilingual individual who can read both versions, purchase the one at lower cost.

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