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My son applied for a job with Walmart, he was interviewed and it went well. The person who interview him said that she was impressed.

The company did not follow up with my son after the interview although he was persistent. I just happened to be in the state over the Mother's Day weekend and went to Sams to make a purchase. My son was with me and he saw the woman who interviewed him, Ms. D.

She talked with the both of us and was very nice. She seemed surprised that he had not gotten hired. I offered to print out a copy of his resume to submit just to give them a professional picture of my son's qualifications. I told Ms.

D that we would bring it back to her. My son with resume in hand brought it into the store, I noticed a Sam's employee at the center of the store who my son identified as the "hiring person," for some reason I sensed a that my son did not what to approach this person although he did not say anything. So, I proceeded to speak with Latoya, about my son interview and etc. She was so mean spirited-- she was totally upset that my son's mother was there to support him and to inquire about his application.

She was very rude in providing details regarding his application. She said that he was not selected because they hire only the "best" and that his name was not pulled from the "top three." I was so confused at this discussion until her attitude of nasty through me for a loop. I had to ask, how good to do you have to be to push carts in the store and run a register. Although he does have experience doing both.

I don't understand the mentality of the employees over the hiring and selecting process. Latoya is a mean young woman who really isn't a personable person. It's unfortunate that our society has produced such ugly people. Toward the end of our conversation, she gave my son back his application and told us both that Sam's doesn't take resumes.

And that he should look at the other Sam's stores. I did tell her that my son lives in this community so why can't he work in his community. As I began to walk a way I saw Latoya make a condensing gesture against me to the customer who was waiting to ask her something.

She is very unprofessional, and as far as the "best" is concerned, I don't see how she became a Sam's employee...because of her brand and image she makes Sam's an undesirable place to shop and spend my money. And I am considering NOT renewing my Sam's membership, I was truly bothered by this unprofessionalism.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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So he didn't get the job, get over it. People apply for jobs every day, news flash, they don't all get hired!


"She was so mean spirited-- she was totally upset that my son's mother was there to support him and to inquire about his application." Sams only hires people over 18, that means an adult. Adults can deal with their own issues and don't need their mommies to fight there battles for them.

Also, it is the case that they must not deal with anyone other than the adult in question in all matters, especially HR issues. They can't talk to their mommy, wife, doctor, priest or lawyer. If a lawyer starts asking questions it will be answered by another lawyer. All you did was be disruptive and insure that he will never get a job there in the future.

They will hold your actions against him.


Funny, you sound just like the person that I was offened by...If I do not plan to shop there ever, why would I want my son to work there.


My thoughts exactly!