Livonia, Michigan

The greeting at sams club for me today was a rude "***-ooo ***-oo" , after I showed her my membership she said " you should have your card out before you get out of your car.When I told her how unprofessional she was she scolded me for not having my card ready to present to her for inspection. I,m going to Costco where they welcome members.nasc And can be greeted in a friendly and professional manner.

This employee has been at the store since it opened so apparently she has the managers wrapped around her finger or they are afraid to reprimand her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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I agree they are very unprofessional, and rude. Don't waste your time there.


Yeah you should have your card out because you probably had a line of people behind you trying to get in. Gosh you're bright.

And if that's the rudest thing someone in retail has said to you, consider yourself lucky.