Clayton, North Carolina

I have been to the Sam's club in Goldsboro,n.c. an used my Visa debit/crarge card to purchase items,Iused the charge an it went thru.

Today I was in Greenville,n.c.

an stopped to get some dog food, went to check out an was going to use my Visa card an was told I couldn't use charge, only debit an I do not remember pin numbers. WHATS UP todays date is may the twenty fifth, 2010 just rambling on now to fill up the one hundred word comment to satify the requirement just to get an answer to the question from above

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Dog Food.

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Why don't you read the signs in Sam's Club that state exactly which credit cards are accepted and which CCs are not.

Stop your whining and get over it.


in the ten years I have been a Sam's member, they have never accepted Visa Credit cards, only debit cards w/ pin. Htey only started acepting Master Card Credit cards about 2 years ago. Before that is was Discover, Check, Cash or Debit.

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