Butler, Pennsylvania

The local community is so tired of how lazy the managers are at our Butler, PA Sams Club! They constantly have long lines at the registers yet we can watch the managers sitting in the cafe chatting and not caring or sitting on a stool at the membership desk playing on the internet.

I personally have tried to complain to the store manager several times but the employees say he's rarely there. My friends will say the same thing. That must be why the management just sits around not doing anything. They need new management in this store!

Where is the nearest Costco's?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Manager.

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You think Butler is bad, you need to take a ride to the Mt Nebo store. The managers do nothing but sit in the office and bs to each other while lines are backing up and the supervisors are running around trying to do their best.

I know how it is because I used to work there. You have lazy managers that do not appreciate any employee. All they care about are how many Plus or credits did you get?? Member service is no longer a priority...its all about that mighty dollar!

The redhead Mike is always on his phone walking around like hes lost. Shane recently became general manager and he sucks.

How do you make some a manager of a store who doesn't know how to even know how to work the registers or member service desk. If the cashiers don't ask members to Plus up they get coached, which can lead to firing.


Costco is just 10 miles away in Cranberry.

Guarantee you will see a difference!