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I asked Sams two questions:

- how will i be compensated for the loss of services due to the abrupt closing of a Sams in Owings Mills, Md and

- detailed explanation with calculation example for the $10 cash back the you buy $500 items

After 8 attempts i DID NOT GET ANY STRAIGHT ANSWERS. Plenty of customer service employees wrote pseudo answers , avoiding the facts just to make believe they answered. All SAMS statements are double edged and wishy washy.

Free shipping for select items only-you never know which ones.

No gasoline station but PLUS MEMBERSHIP STAYS AT $100.

My solution: move to COSTCO as soon as it opens in September in Owings Mills

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Compensated? For what?

Because one store is not there anymore and now you have to go somewhere else? If you had cash rewards they'd refund it. They refund 100% of membership fees for club closures, every time. Gas station?

Not all Sam's Clubs have gas stations, and there is not one single mention of discounts on gas just for being a plus member. Free shipping on most items is pretty understandable to anyone with at least an average IQ. Water that costs $3, weighs 20 pounds and costs $10 to ship would not get free shipping. Is that something your low intelligence can understand?

Free shipping on MOST items, and it is always very clear which items get free shipping. Do you need Sam's Club to read for you?

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