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Letter we wrote to the corporate office:

We write to you today with much aggrivation and frustration. Since August 29, 2009, we have been without a fully functional 46" Vizio television that was purchased at your Eau Claire, Wisconsin Sam's Club on January 29, 2007 with a three year extended warranty. Since February 11, 2010, we have been without a working television at all!

There have been numerous repairs done on this television, three to be exact. On February 11, 2010, we had our last "repair". When the service people came to our house, our television worked as far as being able to watch TV. When they left, the television did not work at all. It won't even turn on.

The following morning, we phoned the Service Plan, again, for another repair. At that time, we were told that the part was already ordered for a repair, but that they would submit our file to the Service Solutions Center for request for replacement. On February 18, 2010, WE had to call back to find out the status of our account, whether the TV was going to be fixed or replaced. Mind you, we were told that it was going to be serviced while we were waiting for a return call. The service company, I.T.I., had no idea of that service, so in turn, were never contacted by this WONDERFUL service plan you have.

So, on February 18, 2010, we were told that our request for replacement had been denied and that the service company would be in contact to set up a time to service the television AGAIN. And AGAIN, the service company has no idea what I'm talking about when I call. Sam's Club Service Plan has yet to call them to let them know they are supposed to set up service for this television.

On February 19, 2010, we called the service plan AGAIN, getting more and more frustrated and angry with every call. We were told at that time that a RUSH would be put on our account and it was AGAIN going to be sent to the solutions team for a request for replacement. Now rush to me is quick, right? Not according to your WONDERFUL service plan. We called AGAIN, today, February 22, 2010 to find out the status to find out we have to wait AGAIN, the 3-5 business days for someone to call us back from the solutions department. But, here's the kicker – before we were told this we were asked by a customer service representative if the service company had been in contact with us to set up an appointment for service. REALLY!!! Does anyone at the service plan know WHAT IS GOING ON?

So why are we contacting you? We just want you to be aware of the problems that are occuring within your company. Also, we have contacted many consumer report agencies and have reported all of our problems with your company to them. So, where is the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee in this instance? Here's what we want – the money to replace the television, plus tax and plus the $198.00 cost for the extended warranty. We don't want a television from Walmart or Sam's Club because I WILL NOT deal with your service company again. We don't know what kind of place you are running, or even if you know this is happening in your division, but maybe you need to check it out. We will be calling the service plan everyday and will be contacting consumer report agencies everyday with complaints until this matter is resolved.

So take this as you may, do what you want with it. But just so you know, that we will keep reporting the HORRIBLE service that we are getting from your company until this matter is resolved.

Ticked-off in Wisconsin!

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yes terrible service ceo should be fired very bad where's undercover boss when needed


:cry cry baby

@the king ***r!

All you folks having any kind of problems with any company that you can't get resolved, contact your local gov't office, attorney general's office, consumer affairs, mediation dept, and they will help you work at it until it is resolved satisfactorily. Businesses are usually very glad to cooperate with these folks!You will need to file a written complaint with them and they will mail you the form.

You won't be sorry ! Its the shortest route to solving your problems with difficult companies, who don't honor their warranties, or whatever the problem, take my word for it, I've done it.


I also have had problems with this service. Our television quit turning on 1 yr.

to the day that we bought it. After almost 3 wks of hearing one story after anther about how they were going to solve my problem I have now been told today that it will take another 3-5 business days to make a decision.

They never call me back when they say they will and have told me the only people to complain to are the supervisors I have already been dealing with. Good way to protect themselves.


:? I bought a grill with 2 yr service plan almost a year later a burner stopped working, the *** doesnt turn.

The 3rd party service plan company said locate the part number through the manufacturer and call us back.

The manufacturer gave me the number for a *** and does not return my phone calls or even answer the phone. I am getting more assistance with the manager from the Sams Club where I purchased the grill.


I feel your pain. I've started my battle with them.

My TV can't be repaired because they don't make the board anymore. They said they are going to replace it with another TV. I have made 6 calls to different numbers and have gotten no where.

Will probably have to contact the higher ups to see if I can get anything done. They assure me it is going to be replaced but people keep dropping the ball so every call is "I'll resubmit the claim and in 7 to 10 business days you should have it."

Guess I'll wait another 10 days to see what happens.


According employees demand the resignation of the company's precedent due to wrongful doing in Mexico. I'm glad it because Walmart as well as Sam's Club managerial staff should by investigated for not compiling with their polices. They expert too much of their associates howeveR when is time to increase in pay. 40 CENTS PER HOUR IS THE LIMIT.

I have been busyness at club 4764 and noticed that and the entrance were the carts are keep the floor needs lots of cleaning. Every day i go to see new cashiers, whit apartness are poorly truing often i have to wait too long to paid and then have to waist more time at customer service to pay for items missed by cashier.

I listened comments about sings of favoritism, discrimination of General Manager Will Dygert, Mac and Veronica. one of many


I got a HP printer and the replacement plan from Sams Club, after a year and half the printer started asking me to installed it every time I turn it on, so I place a claim, they sent me the shipping label, they received the printer and they issued a refund check for the amount that I paid. GOOD SERVICE.


Sams Clubs warranty is garbage. Called into get a replacement cd/dvd drive because it does not work.

The lady said update your drivers and software. I told her mam with all do respect I have been working with laptops and computers for more than 15 years and that has nothing to do with the drive not reading any cds or dvds. I have already done a reformat.

They have *** working at these centers. She apologized and said if I do not do the normal diagnostics of cleaning out TMP files and updating software then she can not send out a replacement these people suck


I purchased a 46" Sony Bravia and 3 year extended Service plan from Walmart.

Roughly after an year my video would just blank out for a few seconds and come back, once the video would be back sometimes the sound would be there and sometimes the sound would be gone, and if the sound would be gone I had to power off the TV and start it again for it to be back to normal.

I contacted service, and they sent a local Chinese guy who came to see my TV and said this is not a problem since this happened with ALL TVs, I was obviously dumbfounded.

I called CS again and this time they switched the vendor and someone else came, looked ta the TV checked my HDMI cables were fine and said if it happens again call us.

Obviously it happened again, called CS and they sent that guy again who this time took my TV to their repair center (which I hate since the service said IN HOME and now I'm not even sure what genuine parts they might replace and put in some fake parts ?) anyways so the TV stayed with them for 1 week before I started getting freaked out and called the vendor directly and they started giving me the excuse that the part has not arrived from SONY yet, waitited another 3 days before I called the CS of the service plan and they kept me on hold and called the vendor directly and to my surprise they had never ordered any parts and they told the CS that we were just about to resend the TV after the fix !.

I got the TV next day and again after 3 weeks or so the issue started hapenning. called CS this time to discuss my options for replacement and surprisingly the policy states someone has to come 3 times to fix the TV before they can decide the fate if it will be replaced.

This policy is not mentioned anywhere on the Walmart site, now I have them called the 3rd time and I'm waiting to see what happens next but one thing is for sure, I am not buying any more electronics from Walmart.

This is not a replacement plan this is just a plan to aggravate the problem so much that the person buys a new TV himself.


I am not happy with the sams service plan. I feel they want to try and wiggle out of having to make repairs. The tech support on my laptop was incorrect causing me extra expense and time.


My kids xbox360 had to go back a couple of times...but eventually, they sent us a brand new one. I just bought a dehumidifier yesterday...and for 10 bucks, expect 3 total years of replacement coverage...a great deal, if I don't get the run around in the event of a product failure.


I called for my PS3 in October, they emailed the label and away went my PS3. 5 days travel, repaired and sent back another 5 days.

only to have it Break down two weeks later, called them again. New label, 5 days travel, fix and sent back via 5day ground service. this time lasted a month breaks down AGAIN. call and they say they will send me a new label in two to three days.

One week later no label. I call them and they say that it is out of warranty and it has been over the 90day repair warranty. They said that they can only see in there system the original time I sent it in not the last time just a month ago and that they will have someone from the solutions department contact me in 24 hours. two days go by, nothing.

I call again they say oh it is 24 BUSINESS hours. I have never heard of such a thing as business hours. Anyways after much debate and I read her the return tracking number from the LAST time I received but a month ago they send me a label to get fixed...aways it goes ground 5days travel. One week later it sits in progress for repair.

they continue to fix what is breaking...but not what is causing it to break, like taking a car with a flat tire in, and all they do is refill it with air. I will never ever ever again purchase electronics or the service plan from WALMART or any company that uses warranty logistics or N.E.W as a service provider !


I had wonderful service with the extended plan. I called and they offered to send a box or I could take the TV to one of the authorized dealers.

I took the TV in to the repair shop. It was ready the next day and did not cost me anything but what I had paid for the plan.


I'm another disatisfied extended service plan customer. I can't really complain about the repair.

They sent a shipping box for my HP desktop and they fixed it, they recieved it in Texas on Oct 7th and returned it Oct 22 after waiting for new motherboard. Only problem- the shipping instructions were for a laptop with diagram for laptop. So I shipped monitor and cords as pic showed screen placement in foam frame. The service repair place set aside my monitor and cords and they didn't need them to do repair then forgot to ship them back.

When they did, FedEx lost the package. That was Oct 28, 2010. It is now Jan 23, 2011 and I still havent' recieved a monitor or power cord. This is after repeated calls to Teleplan who serviced the tower, NEW the warranty plan for Sams Club, and calling Sams Club themselves.

I even recieved a call from NEW Dec 8th informing me they ordered new monitor from HP parts and shipped to Teleplan to send to me.

I call, get lots of sympathy but no results.

I won't be buying any big ticket items from Sams ever again, nor will I renew my membership.


I am having a TERRIBLE time with the service plan for a Panasonic Microwave purched from Sam's Club. i filed the claim on Oct.

25, 2010 and still have no microwave. They said they would mail me a shipping label to send in the mocrowave for repair. 2 weeks later, didn't have it, called the solution center, they said the microwave is too big to ship and I had to take it to a service center. I took it to the service center they told me to take it to, but that service center didn't work on Panasonic brand items.

I called the solution center back again and they told me to take it to another service center(45 miles away from me). 5 weeks later, my microwave still sits at the service center.

The service center says they are waiting for the warranty company, the solution center can't answer my questions. I am TOTALLY FRUSTRATED!


You realize you could have just exchanged the TV in the store? Return Policy did not change till 2009. You are grandfather clause to return and exchange as long as you have the receipt you would not get the money back for the service but a new TC....just a thought





It's odd, but I am going through the EXACT SAME ISSUE with this story, and Jordan's about the HP Laptop. It's a strange mix of the two that has me reeling.

How might I go about reaching the corporate office? I'd looooove to give them an earful.


I bought 46" Vizio LCD with an extended warranty plan with Sams club 4 years ago and the TV died 2 months ago just in summer holidays when my children wanted to play Wii and other games. The extended warranty service is of no use at all.

They have been ordering parts and promising to deliver the TV every day. Every other day I am calling either the TV shop or the warranty service to hear that they did not get the right part. Yesterday an agent from the service left a message saying that our TV will be replaced with a new TV because of the delay. Today when I call, the same person is saying the the old TV is repaired and they are going to deliver it tomorrow.

I do not believe that they have the right parts for Vizio. Certainly if I buy a new TV it will be a SONY LCD and NOT from Sams club.