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In this morning (11/21/2012) I went to the store Sam's Club (8425 NW 13th terrqace, Miami, FL 33126) to revise the tires of my car. I had bought two pairs of new tires in a few months warranty to back at different times. A couple on 09-22-2011 and the other pair on 03-22-2012.

Tires that are placed on the front of the car are very worn and with a nail in one of them.

When I attended the supervisor, I asked what I could do and if they were under warranty. He just told me that the car had alignment problems. Then I check the wheels back and said I needed four new tires but that the car had alignment problems cost not cover the warranty. I explained that the car does not have any alignment problems, you could try if I wanted, to which he replied that it was a mechanical problem then.

The rest of the conversation the supervisor merely repeated: "You need tires, man. I can not do anything."

Besides the abuse to which I was subjected by the supervisor, I have now I feel cheated by the service Sam's Club. If a couple of the tires do not meet even the year of use and the other pair has 14 months of use. Moreover, no pair has exceeded 15,000 miles and the car has a mechanical problem that causes all 4 tires deteriorate. So I have to do?, Go back to buy another 4 new tires with a supposed guarantee does not cover the possibility that some will spend more than they should?

Really, this improper and derogatory treatment (the supervisor only repeated: "You need tires man, you need tires") I have created in my one negative about the treatment I received good worker always Sam's Club.

I hope someone of an adequate explanation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Warranty.

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sams voided my tire warranty and my balance/rotation svc. package because I cancelled my membership earlier.They kept my money though.Said it was their policy. My advice, shop cosco and avoid these jerks