Saint Louis, Missouri

I went to a sam's club in St.Charles Missouri yesterday and as I went to grab a gallon of milk from the fridge, an employee stocking the milk said, "don't grab milk from the bottom row". He said it twice and I was like, what?

He was so rude and I don't know why. Since when do they tell us what to grab or not to grab.

He didn't say why, just rudely told me not to grab milk. I was pissed and still Am because I don't know why I was told not to take the milk that I wanted.

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UNLESS it is— free, I am going to buy the milk with the date I want.


I am certain there is more to this story.


Every jug of milk I get there spoils before the expiration date, on average a week before expiration date, im gonna bring them back the half gal I haven't got to use everytime I back now, there is no reason for this, im sure they are aware of this from complaints, im gonna stop shopping there, I aint saving that much there.


I brought milk from Sam's in south county on Lemay Ferry and the date says August 8th but it spoiled August 1st


smile and grab the milk from the bottom! Would of paid to see that!

Who do they think they are? You are the customer!

Everytime you go back, grab from the bottom! :p


You should have asked him why


I would grab any carton of milk I wanted. I am the customer and the employee can shove it. Unless the cartons above (as djtay stated) are in jeopardy of falling, get the carton you want.


Like an earlier post, milk I've bought from Sam's (Minneapolis metro area) NEVER reaches the expiration date before spoiling. I've been a member for 15 years and have had repeated early spoilage problems from Sam's Club milk.

Milk from other local stores, including Costco, is still good 7-10 days BEYOND the expiration date, so I know it's not my fridge. In fact, other than Sam's Club, I've never had milk spoil before the expiration date!

Don't know if their coolers and/or trucks are too warm, but something is wrong.


Agree. Sams has a problem with their milk.

At the 4 locations of Sams in our city the milk that is out for sale either is dated that day or within 2-3 days. We have shopped there for years and always give it a shot but in our experience, the milk actually goes bad before the date on the milk.

So frustrating to pay for a membership and not get fresh products.

We joined COSTCO.

The milk out for sale there is typically dated within 2 weeks, like at most grocery stores. Have not had an issue with COSTCO milk going bad before the date on the jug.


The guy is just used to bozos like yourself making his job harder. Maybe you shouldn't grab milk of the bottom shelf anymore.

Unless you want your legs broke. :roll


Was the milk on a pallet or rack? New milk jugs at most Sam's come in now on pallets if every one insists on taking bottom rows of milk guess what happens to the milk remaining on top genius it falls on your lap. Then you complain about that.


He probably wanted you to take the oldest milk.Its your money,ignore them and take what you want.



I'm sure the local health department would be very interested to hear what you just wrote.


Bought "ROTOLO" canned veggies only to notice the expire date was April 28, 2010. returned to "Mike" at Sam's in El Monte, CA.

By his tone and look on his face he was unhappy I was returning it.

The whole stock is out of date and after a week still out for sale ( 8 cans in the box ). Bought Jumex 5 cans were also spoiled and out of date. Returned the unused and they also found spoiled cans.

Items still out for sale. Sam's simply could care less about the health of the consumer.


If you wrote this on April 6, 2010, HOW was anything dated APRIL 28, 2010, OUT OF DATE??? No wonder he looked at you crazy. April 28 comes AFTER April 6.


Im here cause I just bought milk there on 4/1/10 and today is 4/5/10. My experation date is 4/14/10 and I find my milk is a odor of spoilage!

So much for watching for cross contamination.

Im going to the store to get my money back and give them the milk back... wish me good luck!