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I have been a customer at Sam's Club for many years. Today, I went in March 11,2014.

I was normally due to pay on March 20th. When I went through the line with my purchase the cashier gave me a higher payment. I told her why did she charge so much? She claimed my card had expired.

I said it wasn't due yet. The cashier was rude and sent me to customer service. I claimed I always was due on the 20th but they claimed the last cashier who updated had changed the date on me. I had to have $45.00 extra to renew my card.

I didn't bring that extra money and I asked for a one day pass so I could buy my items. I had to get a ride to Sam's Club because my van had broke down. I was told I could not get a one day pass because I needed to print one out. I have no computer nor printer.

They took my items back and I left. Very poor customer service. If I hadn't been a good customer for years it might had been different. I am very upset with this company.

I had asked for a manager but she still would not let me get my purchase.

I am waiting for this company to go down just like Radio Shack is. I am very displeased!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Manager.

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I believe the op. Up until about a year and a half ago, the Sam's in my town (the only one around for hours) had a problem where if members renewed early, their new membership would start on the day that they paid, not the day that their current year expired.

So, if you renewed early, you were cheating yourself out of your remaining time. Not only did store management know this, they actually pushed cashiers to get as many early renewals as they could, requiring at least 3 a day to stay in the green for promotions.

Now that this problem has been fixed, cashiers no longer have a minimum for regular early renewals. Coincidence?


"I claimed I always was due on the 20th but they claimed the last cashier who updated had changed the date on me." This is an untrue statement. No one at Sams, least of all the lowly cashiers, have the ability to change your membership due date.

The only thing they can do at the service desk is change your membership from "renew" to "current" but they have no ability to make you pay sooner. This is a case of you telling us a story now knowing what the limitations of each associate are. Fortunately there are associates like me to set the record straight and to say what you said is not possible. Your due date is your due date.

It can get later and later depending on when you renew after your membership expires but it will never be sooner.


How are they supposed to make money if you do not renew!! My membership always expired in December starting in September they wanted me to renew, renew, renew. Now I just use the BJ free 60 days when they send it to me no more SAMS for me wasn't happy with them seems like used car salesmen with the renew renew renew!!


Another giant retailer that's "Going down" because one person didn't get his *** kissed!


". I have no computer nor printer."

Then how are you posting this review. Keep in mind telling you no is not the same as being rude.

This company won't go down just because you expected preferred treatment.


Oh c'mon! They probably gave you a break last time you shopped!

Kudos to Sams Club for kicking you freeloaders out! Pay on time!