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Prostitutes are those who purchased a membership from Sam's Club too, and have gotten screwed same as the thousands before me. Switch & Bait is supposed to be "illegal" in the US, but if your owned by Walmart it's OK.

It should not be the consumer's fault when any item is misplaced, the customer should only pay what is marked, not what their associates say later at check-out. Walmart and Sam's both are guilty. Quality customers service is a lie, similar to when they aired to the world about employee raises, but left the words - cut down hours off! Yea, they "rolling back" alright, hopefully straight down the Johnny Flusher where this company belongs as they feel more at home down there in those sewers because majority their employees don't give a ***, and their products are crappy as well.

Why do you think China sells to USA, it's because the Chinese are smarter. They rather sells their *** to us, keep the best for themselves, and then scream for more world trade.

Thanks Capitol Hill boys and girls for passing NAFTA; and, Walmart corporate members for screwing up Americans livelihood. At least with a *** you may feel relieved, and not frustrated after leaving either entities.

What happened to buy Made in USA......Americans believe in you all, but none of you believe in us.

This person wrote the review because of "that i got out w/out knocking the smart ass employee out!" at Sams Club. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Sams Club to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was rude and racial employees and carry-out packaging. Author liked the most climate controlled and varity of items. The author asks this business to contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following company: Costco. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Sams Club and sams club membership for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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You really should not be permitted to shop on your own since you do not know what bait and switch is.


Honey, you have your idea of prostitution mixed up. Prostitutes aren't the ones buying, they are the ones doing the selling.

It is the "Johns" like you who do the buying. If you pick an item up in your cart while you decide whether or not you want to buy it, and then a few aisles later on you decide you don't want it and set it in the wrong area where the price is different than it was where you picked up the item, the next customer that comes along and wants to purchase it shouldn't get it for the lower price, where you dumped. It still has to sell for the price it was when you picked it up. That is not bait and switch, because the store had nothing to do with the pricing.

All stores will sell the item that has been placed in the wrong area by ignorant customers like you, for the price in the area where the item was originally. Next time you go shopping take your parents with you so they can educate you on how business is done.

As far as buying made in America goes, I don't know anybody that can afford to buy American made. IF you can, more power to you, go ahead and do it.

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