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Where can I begin? Managers that did not start at the bottom ,,,, Oh like Sam Walton did.

They dont even know Who or What Sam Walton is/was, all the same understand his mission and what he wanted to provide. The all Mighty Dollar is what upper management thinks about these days. Sounds like K-Mart, Sears, Penny's, etc.. ...

Get the picture.

My families "experience" at Sam's Club in Lonetree, Co.

on Sunday Night at closing time was the worst I have ever had to deal with or witness. Closing Time is now, I don't care time, store policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Deal.

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His legacy is more than just a name, and lives on forever. Sam Walton is very much alive, and he exists within all of the good people who still believe in customer service and heart-filled support.

Source: Sam Walton

Author: Sam Walton II


Wow, maybe they should fire all you ignorant people and give your jobs to people who would enjoy them. and provide good detailed customer service.

Oh wait you have no idea what that is!!!

Try being a human being instead of a complete *** off. :)


Just wondering what happend at closing time? what was your "bad experience" all about?


Sam Walton is dead, and whatever positive vision there was for the company died with him. Doesn't keep them from plastering his pictures all over our break room in some pathetic attempt to motivate us though. Try shopping when we're not trying to close, we all want to go home and at 8:30 if you're still in the store you're the enemy.


i agree with the writer and I'm a Wal-Mart employee If Sam Walton was alive I might actually like my job


Sam Walton is dead, and you ought to try shopping when they are not locking the store up for the night.


sam walton is dead genius....people dont care, its all about money :grin