Richmond, Virginia

I am writing this to inform others that if you want to purchase anything from Sams Club, I guess you need to carry lots of cash. I spent at least an hour picking out a 60" HD

Television, Mounting Bracket, and other Cables and Assc., only to get to the register to find out that they do not accept VISA Cards.

Do you think anyone cared, apparently not.

This is the second time I have left Sams Club pissed off. The other time was over a price that they did not honor. I have decided to spend my money somewhere else, even if it cost me more. Sometimes it just isnt the price its the way I left the place very disappointed!

I doubt they care if I complain or not. Sincerely, Unhappy EX Sams Club Member.

Monetary Loss: $860.

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Go to Costco..they take visa. I had a friend that left all of his stuff there because they don't take visa. If Wal-Mart takes visa then Sam's should too, same ownership.


We did a lot of our Christmas shopping at Sams Club only to be told at the register that Visa cards are not excepted. We have been members for several years but this is the first time we tried to pay with credit.

Unfortunately we were not able to purchase our cart full of items.

We will not be renewing with Sams Club next year. We'll just go to Costco next year for they will be excepting Visa.


Lol you stop cause of visa lol get a live b itch


I think it is ridiculous that they do not accept visa. It is one of the largest credit card company's out there.

If I had known this I would have never signed up for the club.

Some bargains are better on ebay anyway. Will not renew!


Here's a suggestion that a Sam's Club cashier gave me so I could still get credit for using my VISA card on purchases in the Sam's Club. She told me to use my VISA card to purchase a gift card from Walmart that can be used in the Sam's Club, so now I just guesstimate the amount of money I'll be needing for purchases in the Sam's Club, purchase the gift card at Walmart then go to Sam's to make my purchases using that gift card. I get the points on my VISA card and although it may be a little work for me, I'm the one laughing all the way to the bank with my credit card reward points that give me monthly cash back....just a suggestion


Same thing happened to me at a sams club. Went to purchase an $800 tv only to be told at checkout that they don't accept visa credit.

The reason most people don't find this out till checkout time, is because it is ludicrous in this day and age that a merchant would accept MC but not Visa. They are the 2 most popular cc's in the world and to hear that anyone won't accept both, if they accept cc's at all, is strange to say the least. A little googling shows sams has a sweetheart deal with MC, so that is why they don't accept visa. No problem...after leaving the store I called sams to cancel my membership and get a full refund.

They asked no questions why I wanted to cancel and the call only took about 2 minutes. I got my refund within a week. I'm guessing people cancelling their sams club membership is something they're used to, so why ask the reason.

All I can do as a consumer, is vote with my wallet and sams club/walmart will never see another penny from me. It won't be a blip on their bottom line, but it's convinced me that the best way to buy anything is to buy it online.

Sams club/walmart does NOT have the lowest prices around and if you take the time to shop around online you can find anything they have in their stores for a lower price elsewhere...usually much lower.

If sams club doesn't want my business, places like newegg/tiger direct/bandhphotovideo/etc are more than happy to have it, give me a better price and a lot of the time, don't charge me state sales tax on my purchase either.

Spend enough money and they usually throw in free shipping as well. Why waste my time or gas on retail stores when almost anything you might want to buy you can get online at a reputable online retailer and usually for much less than you would pay in the store...especially after you figure in state sales tax/gas/frustration.


All you have to do is with visa when you swipe it most of the time it will ask change payment click credit and it should go through its a loophole


No, no it doesn't. Just rejects it outright.


That does not work. No visa at Sam's.


"VISA has high fees. maybe if they were lowered, Sam's could offer them :D "

The MULTINATIONAL MULTIBILLIONDOLLAR company needs lower fees???? *** SAMS


you could have saved a lot of time had you asked dipstick


But mommy was not there to tell him that, they would not accept it anyway even if the club accepted Visa because obviously this child is too young to own a Visa.


Walmart, who owns Sam's Club, has an important agreement with MasterCard to reduce costs per transaction and also because they do not want to pay more for credit card transactions to VISA. However you are right, they should clarify that at the moment of the membership first time registration or renew.


Um... it's posted at every register, the service desk where you signed up, the door where you first walked in....and you we're almost definitely told when you got your membership.....


It is not posted at the register and why would anyone out of the blue ask" oh, by the way do you take visa?" *** know it all.


It is posted at the register at my Sam's. Plus my Visa bank card can be used as a credit every time. Swipe it and hit problem at either of the Sam's Clubs in my town.


They take Mastercard and Discover. They take all forms of debit.

Checks Cash and EBT. They have Discover and an in store credit offered through GE Capital that you can be approved for in minutes. They even have these magical machines called ATMS that shoot money out when you have the funds.

VISA has high fees. maybe if they were lowered, Sam's could offer them :D


Sir did you know we have our Sams's Club Discover Card? If you like I can take $20.

When you are approved and spend $50 dollars with us today I can take $20 off and if you spend $100 I can take $40 dollars off.

Also, if you are a plus member you get not just 1% but up to 2% cash back and you can use this card at any Sams's Club or Walmart location.


Who doesn't take Visa cards? Stores like Sam's Club and Costco that are trying to keep their costs down to offer YOU lower prices dumb@$$!!


So true! IF we accepted Visa Credit cards, our total cost would go up 3% on everything.

If it bothers you that much use a debit card, master card etc. We accept everything But visa credit. Your one of those people who get mad at the cashier and tell them off and scream this is so ***. You go to Costco where the membership is 55$ v.s Samsclub 45$.

Why do you think there's is higher? I agree he is a ***