Saint Peters, Missouri

Last week I bought a GPS ASUS tablet from Sams. Total for both was a little over $400. Cashier asked for extended warranty plan and although I usually don't get them, I went ahead this time.

Went to customer service and the had the GPS, but not the tablet. Customer service employee asked who sold it to me. I didn't know the employees name or lane number. I asked if that info wasn't on the receipt. But, they just had to have someone to blame. The didn't have any more, so they began to return the tablet and I was not real happy that I had to ID the cashier and that they couldn't figure it out even when I pointed the employee out. I was getting frustrated over the whole experience of them not having the item I paid for and for the rep needing someone to blame, so I said they can return the GPS also. They didn't argue, but immediately called a supervisor because of the return being over $400. She got all inquisitive to the customer reps, but never said or asked anything of me. I would think a supervisor would want to talk to the customer that is standing right there instead of pretending I didn't exist. This was at the St. Peter, MO. location.

The next day I went to Wentzville, MO. location and purchase the same model GPS. This time I wasn't asked for the warranty plan. I asked the cashier if their was one and she replied it didn't come up on her screen. I went to customer service and asked about the plan. They took a few minutes to find out if one was offered, but not before they asked which cashier checked me out. I said isn't that info on the receipt? I said I didn't ID the cashier. The looked up a lane number on the receipt and then went to a log book to see who sold it to me.

I was a Sam's member for years, then switched to Costco. Finally a Sam's was built in Wentzville (closer to me).

I am NOT renewing Sam's. To be sold something they are out of should not been allowed on the computer system. Isn't POS supposed to keep track of the inventory and sales? But, okay, things slip through. Cashier was supposed to verify it being in stock before the sale, but okay, things slip through. Was is my issue with both stores is customer service wanting to blame somebody, not rectify or console, but just simply to blame. If they went to such length to blame their own employees in front of the customer, then wow, they must really be critical of customers behind our backs.

I'm a customer. One that is not always right. But Sam's should train their employees not to be critical of the company or employees in front of customers. Find someone to blame after I leave. Supervisors that come to approve a $400 return should be professional enough to try to set things right with the customer while and when the have the perfect opportunity to do so.

I will not renew with Sam's. I will drive a little further and go to Costco.

Monetary loss to me is none. Monetary loss to Sam's over $400.

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