Allentown, Pennsylvania

I hate showing my membership card at the door every time I enter the store. I am a mother of three and my kids are usually with me. I can't be bothered to flash my card at the door. I need to show my card to purchase my order anyway.

I stopped a manager and explained my frustration and get his explanation. By checking the membership at the door we can assure only members get in. So what? If you didn't have a card they would turn you away? No, they are going to invite you in to look around. You can buy items without a membership anyway, you just pay more.

Next, he tells me they check the cards because they don't want to frustrate the members. If a non-member checked out and didn't realize they needed a card, it would hold up the cashiers line, because the cashier would need to empty the items off of the belt that the non-member was trying to purchase. Are you serious?

This is a *** policy! I am the member so they should cater to me! After all. I paid for it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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I so agree with this statement Sams has been around long enough that everyone knows they have to have a card to purchase items. It holds me up when I’m try to run in and run out when they wanna stop me to see a card.


Do away with the card if it’s that big a deal and let anyone who can afford it “ SHOP TILL THEY DROP”. IJS


No you’re a *** To give attitude to the associate asking to see your card, which they hate doing. Their just doing their job.

You are a mean, self righteous *** Try putting yourself in their shoes??

Oh you can’t, your to far up on a pedestal, too important. Not human at all just a ***


There is a BJ’s very close to me I think I’m going to switch this very same thing happened to me today. I pay $100 a year to be A business member and I don’t need this horse crap.

Three minutes after I came in and refused to show my card the man asking to see the card was gone and everybody was just coming in. What is the real significance of asking to see an ID card it is total BS to me and I’m pissed


So what, you pay $ 100 membership. What about the thieves that come in and don’t pay but walk out with merchandise.

This affects your cost. Think about it!!

You pay a $100 to be a member, “maybe” Sam’s is trying to keep the riff raft out, the non payers to cater to your uppety *** Yes I am a $100 paid business member as well and tired of seeing members give Sam’s associates a hard time to protect paid members. Get over it and show your *** card at the door *** hole.


I hate it as well. And those who are saying we shouldn't complain, who gives a ***?

I will complain all I want! I think it's a lame practice and yes, I will vote with my wallet.

@Shopper McShopperpants

Get over it and show your *** card, you’re holding up the line for those that have it out and ready to shop.


Well to be an associate working for Sam's Club it just goes to show that Sam's likes their employees the way they like their customers. Closed minded and naive.

I went into Sam's without any ID or membership and purchased things several times. Even from the pharmacy.

God bless the poor and middle class in this country and I pray that maybe after Hillary people will have enough sense to understand the difference between presidents with integrity and good hearts that helped this country and especially families and learn that you don't choose to vote for a president because of their campaign slogan and actually believe that someone like Trump would look out for their best interest. Lord please help those that can't see and take the hate out of their heart


God blesses those who obey his commandments, not murderous aborters, sodomy advocates, covetous socialist thieves like you who worship government as their false god.

God bless President Donald Trump, who was made President by the Christian vote. #MAGA

Matthew 7:21-23

21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.


Maybe you should try reading the rest of the New Testament... Trump does the exact opposite of what Jesus taught.


No need for political comments here


Amen. Amen.

Consumers in America are taken more advantage of by retailers than any other country in the entire world. On average, a middle class consumer lost an average of $1,362.oo EACH year between 2010 to 2014 from retailers register mistakes, bad products, clever sales tactics and broken promises. Most Americans are too naive of the rich's pitches, too trusting, lazy, or too care free to care about a lawn mower they just paid 329.oo for and it went on sale the next day for 199.99. Hello, if it's within 2 weeks you get the difference.

Why do you think Walmart has Savings Catcher. They should have had that out 20 years ago but consumers are so ignorant and carefree that Walmart felt sorry for us and said "hey there all you customers out there, in case you didn't know that your country is a democracy and it thrives on competitive business practices and pricing, we will give you the lowest price guaranteed. Don't you people remember the commercial that came out in the 90s that had the little kid going to the counter at a store and saying "hey I bought this last week and today it went on sale for this much".. and a lady can we hand him some money.

That's called customer service. There are some of us that take advantage of stores and actually cheat them or even steal. It's an epidemic with the new opioid addiction epidemic affecting millions of Americans. Even with all their theft losses and unexpected costs, retailers get away with 3 times more profitability from ripping customers off, meaning to or not, than we do them.

It's designed that way. It's real simple, The House Always Wins. So to you Sam's Club members that PAY membership fees and don't even realize that you are being ripped off and paying higher prices for more than half the items, then let this be a wake up call for you and do the simple research AKA price comparing and price matching, and start speaking out against the 1% grossly, evil rich that pay their employees far too little in charge customers way too much. Did you even notice that gas prices dropped almost in half from 472 in my area down to 268 a gallon the day Barack Obama was inaugurated and the rich oil tycoons lost their stronghold of your families budget yet they never lowered the prices of groceries that climbed higher from 2001 to 2008 yet " because the rising cost of fuel and transportation" yet when gas prices dropped in half groceries never dropped.

It's called the Republican plan. Are you lady voters out there quit listening and being bullied by your husband and do your own research and open your minds and your hearts 2 people like Bill and Hillary Clinton who devoted their lives to helping everyone even the rich are stronger when people beneath them are doing well but they come in 2 power and pass bills and laws to take advantage of the middle class and ruin our economy with their tactics it's so simple why do we listen to someone so spoiled and Rich self governed self-righteous like Donald Trump why do we do it and why do we think that this man is actually looking out for your best interest what has the world come to God bless you.


I agree f-uck Sams Cub! It's like being asked for papers when I enter the store, and it is annoying as h-ell just like leaving and having to have the receipt checked.


Shop elsewhere then


Sam's club surely doesn't mind doing you waiting in line while they give every customer the speil about how you should upgrade your membership!! wait in line after they do that with about 5 customers and then go wait in line again for them to check your purchase receipt at the door I will NEVER renew a membership with Sam'so again!!



Do not want a membership elderly need the money!,!! Finished with Sams and Synchrony Bank cards!,!


I always tell them I have a card never pull it out if they ask me for it I just tell them it's in my wallet this is SAMs club not border patrol


I totally agree! Policy should be posted be I enter the club ..if that's a real policy!

! It feels like harassment to me


Sam's Southwest Austin, Tx

Hate being carded. Dumbest policy ever!


I feel your pain and I'm one step away from telling Sams Club where they can go. You get harassed entering the store, leaving the store, and now if you use their self checkouts they check your receipt and stamp.

I'd rather pay a little more and not be treated like a common criminal.


I hate this policy.