Mount Holly, New Jersey

I was driving in the rain on a very rainy day this one day and it was hard to see because my wipers were streaking because it was raining. The man said they would change them for me for free and when I got in my car the floor was all wet from they man putting his wet shoes inside my car.

I was not going to go back there and get another run around because there was a long like with two people in it and it was raining outside and I didn't want to get my new umbrella all wet again. Also I think the man must have *** in my car because upon entering my car I could smell such a stench I almost heaved my breakfast. I knew it wasn't me because I already changed my colostomy bag once that week. I looked at the seat and there was a small dark line on it.

I smelled it and it smelled worse than my late husbands dirty shorts. I was just so disgusted. I used the wipers because it was supposed to be raining on this terrible rainy day and the new ones streaked just like the old ones even in the same spot.

I just couldn't believe that the new ones that cost 23.97 plus 4.06 taxes would streak just like the old ones. So I had to drive home in the rain because it was a rainy day and it was raining out just terrible

Monetary Loss: $1112.

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