Hopkins, Minnesota
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I worked here for almost two years when I finally had enough. The store I worked for was making so much money but yet they constantly would cut pay role leaving workers stranded to do the work of two or three people.

You were not aloud to go over hours but if you didn't get the work done you were pursued like a child in trouble. I was in charge of the ordering and expected to do a team leads job however I was part time and under paid. Item's I didn't order would still be shipped in and no matter what I did I was always to blame I am finally through with this place and sick of wasting my time here. I also was very insulted when they offered a new associated who was a terrible worker full-time without even considering me.

I have worked so hard for these people and no matter what you do you are never right. You are told one thing and expected to do another. When I had to explain to a manager what was happening in the department I was met with confusion. Obviously I had to teach a MANAGER what it is they needed to do to get a task done.

ME, a part time employee, doing a job of a team lead and a manager without being given any sort of raise or any sort of consideration for full-time. SCREW Sam's Club I will never shop at any walmart or even leave with anything good to say about them.

I will not give a two weeks notice and will just be finishing my shift half way through when I decide to walk out. *** THIS PLACE

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I feel yah bro good for you!!