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Erie blvd Syracuse ,NY. I have been shopping here for 10 years.

The customer is the worst here. Last week I was in hurry and needed few items. I picked up items and rushed toward check out, there was no one in line and two cashiers were talking to each other( which is normal here), they both didn't bother to look at me for at least 60 seconds. Without saying anything I picked up my stuff and moved to next register, She completely ignored me.

After 20 second of waiting I told her,' I am in hurry, here is my card and check me out". I don't have receipt paper , I have to wait for manager she replied with attitude. So, I turned around and asked third cashier if she is open. She said yes, so I moved to third register and told her , ' this is the worst service i have ever seen.

these cashiers are busy talking with each other' . I am glad that Costco is open in Syracuse I am sure they will be happy to take my $10,000/ yr business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Most of Sams club have bad customer service. It is owned by Wal mart. If you have choice shop at Costco.


Don't go shipping when you are in a hurry. When you shop when yoy are in a hurry, you tend to get impatient and then every little thing seems like a big deal.

I bet the second register you went to, where you demanded she check you out, didn't have any indication she was open. You just saw her there and assumed she was open.


It sounds like you just stood there while the first two were talking. Did you not speak up?

Maybe they just didn't see you, or maybe they were on break/off the clock/waiting on a manager for something. Also, its not the other cashier's fault she didn't have any receipt tape and the manager wasn't there yet. It also wasn't the third cashier's fault you had bad service from other people. Take it up with the people you have an issue with, not the innocent person who was willing to help you.

Please, go to Costco and see how they treat customers like you. You'll be running back to Sam's in a heartbeat.


You are Right, they didn't see me because they were busy talking to each other. They did't see my loaded cart, May be because I was the only customer in the club that time.

These people need lesson about customer service.

I am going to costco for past 5 months.

I have no problem there at all. They know how to smile and they are trained to do their job.


None of your business. Did you see that I wrote that I am going to this store for 10 years.. ***


Hang on, you treated these people like *** for 20 and 60 second wait times? You call the cashier rude for telling you she was waiting for receipt tape?

Jesus lady, you sound like the *** I had to deal with today.

Remember something the next time you shop, and when you go to Costco: Costco does NOT allow people like YOU to treat their employees like *** like Sam's does.

Next time, don't be a *** to total strangers. You never know when you might *** off a serial killer.


First of all I am not lady.. Second these cashiers are lazy, worthless .

I don't know where do they find them, but they all think they are doing favor for a customer. This place SUCKS..