Houston, Texas

My wife & I decided to purchase a dining set from samsclub.com, and actually became members of Sams Club just to purchase (loyal Costco members).

The delivery of the table took approx 1 month, to receive. The day before their 'white glove' delivery, the delivery company called and told me that they were missing hardware for one (1) of the chairs, and that I could either wait for delivery until fully assembled, or I can have the items delivered and Sams would mail me my hardware within 3-5 business days. I agreed for delivery, and upon receipt there were actually two (2) chairs that were not assembled & needed hardware, and they were unable to confirm to me if/when I'd receive hardware for the chairs. I declined the delivery. The shipping company called me back, and when I explained why I declined, they confirmed that they have opened tickets with Samsclub to have the hardware shipped to me. At this point, I figured, no big deal, just a matter of a few days.

Now, here we are 1.5 weeks later, and I am still unable to receive any feedback/confirmation from Sams Club that hardware is even available. After multiple calls to their 1-888 number, and escalations to 'Supervisors', I've been told that protocol is for Sams to email their distributors and to wait for response. That's right, they're protocol is to apparently email the distributor and wait until they respond, instead of being proactive and getting somebody on the phone to address/resolve. After calling into the number 4 more times, on separate days, with no follow-up between from Sams Club, I was finally able to get a hold of a Manager.

The Manager confirmed the protocol, and said that there isn't any detailed feedback that can be provided to me as to when the parts, or a replacement could be provided. Meaning, I am essentially a storage unit for Sams at this point, as I'm unable to use the table to sit at for dinner with my family. After explaining, again, that all I want at this point is to have the pieces picked up from my house immediately with a full credit provided to my account.

I informed the Manager that I have no confidence in ever purchasing a product from samsclub.com, and am honestly at the point where I'd like a refund of my membership.

I would much rather, happily, commute 40 minutes, one way, to go to the nearest Costco, then to travel 8 minutes to go to Sams Club. Costco has been wonderful to work with as a member/consumer, I've spent approx $10k over the past 12 months there, and now I know very clearly why I always hesitated to become a Sams Club member. Sams Club has definitely lost my business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I love all the sams club employees who punch BS on here


I'm having the same experience. I never worked for Sam's and am too getting to the point where I will not do business with them.

I think you work for Sam's Club. I think your trying to put a spin on bad reviews.