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Thank God that there are 2 Costco's with a 10 mile Radius of Sams "SUCKS" Club. There are a few things that I get at Sams that Costco doesn't carry, So after waiting in line for 5 minutes and spending $352.00 at Costco I stopped at Sam's "SUCKS' club. Sam's service just sucks. And off course the front end manager is standing there like a deer staring into Head lights as the 3 checkers are 5+ deep in customers so i walk up the the front end manager. hand him the container of Chocolate Almonds and tell him.

I just spent $352 at Costco and it took me 5 minutes to check out. And thats why I'm leaving now and you can restock that container of Planters Chocolate Almonds because you obvious need to light a fire under your own *** to get some movement.

Sam's Sucks plain and simple..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Sams Club Cons: Just slow and terrible service.

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Sam's is owned by Walmart, so of course they are going to suck. Expecting good service at Sam's (and Walmart) is like expecting to win big at the lottery: the overwhelming odds are it's not gonna happen. Stick to Costco.


My pappy always said you can "ALWAYS" trust an *** that hides behind a door... Well "Peckerwood" you obviously took the time to reply to my posting but you think $352 is chump change.

But given your desire to be "Anonymous" $352 would pay 2 months of your trailer rent.

i always appreciate the DORKS that try to impress me with $35,200 is justifiable. But $352 is a waste of your time.

I'd be more descriptive but your internet connection is about the run out.... DORK.


You are that *** Off member that loves to tell me how much they spent at Costco or anywhere else for that matter. $352?

That's it? Add a couple zeros and then we'll talk!


you like being a *** for no reason aparantly. You did not explained why they sucked, the only thing i got from your complaint is that you are costhos butbuddy or something, and what did you spend exactly 352.00 on, i dont believe you rounded off on that amount on the sale, wheres the odd tax number, i want a receipt pic or it didnt happen. liar pants.


You obviously are biased at someone's opinion. And it's my opinion if your mother is a door greeter at Sams or Walmart, my sympathies.

However HAVE you ever been to a Sam's club? There is NO ONE around to assist you in locating any of the 10,000 items, Sam's or Walmart are a cash sucking machine. They don't pay well so they don't hire well. You see in the Wally world of business they figure why pay an extra buck and get someone good for life, we can save that buck and turn the position over 20 times over the next 10 years and WE'LL save $500 dollars.

and BFD is it inconveniences the shopper.

During my vast years as a shopper I figure if you want my money then I want some service. But your a Dork and would rather spend hours aimlessly walking the aisles of Sam's club scratching your butt looking for toilet paper.

Now if you've every been to Costco. not only are there people to assist you, they will walk you right to the product and if it's not there they are on the 2-way radio locating you product.

The cashiers are warm, friendly and there ARE always 2 assisting in check out.

When you see a Costco employee of 2 years or 20 years they have the same enthusiasm. You should do a comparison between the two.

With respect to my $352.00 -- Oh no I rounded my number down, it's so the well intelligent people that read this don't have to worry about the $.25. What would a receipt do you any good to show I bought some condoms so I could give them to you so you won't propagate and maybe, just maybe slow down passing on your gene pool


I thought you had to be 18 to be a member of Sam's club and judging by your behavior you are way too young to be a member.


I'll bet from your intelligence level you are signed up for Obama Care. And you honestly think Hillary is going to do wonders for this country.

Voicing my opinion is the American Way -- for example take a look at all the idiots protesting the shooting of that poor colored child Michael Brown.... How *** *** are you. If you rob a store, you attach the very substance of our society of enforcing the law and the Big Bad White Police man shoots you then there's a problem.. Yup If I look close enough you were probably one of those ignorant individuals getting even by burning down a business or breaking their windows....

Real Smart. So lets see who's about 18


What in the world does politics have to do with this?

Unfortunately there are many people in this country who seem to equate standing stubbornly by WalMart with patriotism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is nothing All-American about WalMart, not anymore.

I worked for WalMart when Sam Walton was still living. I was a cashier and I had full time hours, and pretty good health insurance. Sam believed in buying American, and taking good care of his good employees, with decent wages and good insurance. He wasn't cold in his grave before his heirs started trashing both policies.

The moment the company became publicly traded, it became all about producing obscene dividends for stockholders, and obscene salaries for company officers, while failing to keep up with the cost of living in their pay for front line employees, and playing games with the schedule so that employees working full time hours still didn't qualify for insurance because the hours were split over two different pay periods.

When you go to work at WalMart at the store level these days, unless you're at least an assistant manager, along with your other paperwork, you are given the forms to file for food stamps.

Walmart sells mostly stuff produced overseas in near slavery conditions, and here at home treat their bedrock employees, the ones who are Walmart's face to the public, practically like slaves themselves. Please tell me, what's patriotic about that?

Costco on the other hand, pays a good wage, offers good benefits, and treats their employees with dignity. In my small Arizona city, a great many of the employees who opened the store over fifteen years ago are still there, and still quite happy.