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Card temporarily mis located, called to find out balance and help with verifying a purchase. Told that the purchase would be made first and new card issued after purchase.

Cancelled card, told could not make purchase until receipt of new card. Matthew and Lisa were the names given, would not cooperate further. Very rude to be a part of customer service. Did not even begin to try and help or understand.

Sams will probably lose me as a customer.

It is very important to be kind and not raise your voice to customers who are the reason you are in business. Customer service can make or break a corporation, specifically because the consumer had choices.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Rudeness should never be a part of a customers experience with a company they choose to do business. An apology would be a nice start.

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Yeah, because I'm sure you were just fine being told you couldn't use your Sam's credit card to make a purchase right?! You were calm and level headed about it all right?!

Doubtful! Let's be clear. YOU lost your credit card not the associates at Sam's Club. Yes the associates at Sam's Club can issue you a temporary membership card to shop.

But they DO NOT have access to your credit card number, as well they shouldn't. These procedures are in place to protect YOU the consumer from fraud so you're welcome.

As for that apology here it is... I'm sorry YOU "misplaced" YOUR credit card.

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