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I ordered this item online (XBOX One 1 TB Limited Edition) to do a store pick-up at the Madison, MS location (Club #8271). It was a Christmas gift for my son. Everything went fine with ordering. The website said the item was in stock, took my payment, allowed me to choose a time for pick-up, and even gave me an order confirmation number. However, when I get to Sam's Club - Madison, MS, they informed me that they do not have the item in stock. They said their system is showing 4 in stock but it is a glitch and they do not have it for me. That was the first disappointment. Okay, I can get past that....... a clerical error. Obviously, someone didn't update the inventory. Okay.

But, keep in mind when I ordered the item, my check card was charged the $349.00 + 24.43 sales tax that same night. It was deducted from my account that same night. But when I ask about receiving my money back on my card, they went on to explain that the money does not come out of your account until you come into the store and sign. Well, that is not so because it was certainly deducted from my account already. I even called my bank (Navy Federal) to confirm and they said the charges had already been deducted. But Sam's is continuously saying that they don't have the item I ordered in stock nor have they received $373.43 from me.

I can log into my Navy Federal account and clearly see the $373.43 has been deducted from my funds.

This who it says has the money:

POS Debit - Visa Check Card xxxx - SAMSCLUB.COM BENTNVILLE ARUS -$373.43

I guess the money is floating around in hyperspace somewhere. I also called the Sam's 1 800 number and was given the same spill about signing before the money actually comes out of your account. There has to be a glitch somewhere in Sam's system because my money has certainly been subtracted from my account.

But .... of course they say they don't have it. I know I will get the money back when they realize they, in fact, do have it.... That is not my biggest concern. My problem is that this was one of the biggest inconveniences while doing Christmas shopping. I don't have the item and I don't have the $373.43 to go elsewhere to purchase the XBOX One. Needless to say, I WILL NOT be ordering anything else online from Sam's. Very Disappointed and FRUSTRATED Sam's Customer Here!!! I will continue to shop in store with you because I love Sam's but you have GOT to do better!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I won a bid on the cheap for the Xbox, 1TB limited edition with a boat load of games. Sams club sent me an email that I needed to call them, so I did.

The rep told me that the Auction site can't accept my Sams Crédit card, even though I had MORE than enough credit! They cancelled my purchase and left me hanging without an equal purchase.

The rep told me that I would need to re-bid and "good luck". How professional of them..