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My husband and I shopped at Sam's Club in Parkersburg, WV on December 18th.Came to check out with $278.00 + worth of merchandise.

I tried my Visa debit--rejected; tried the same card as credit--rejected; tried again--rejected; tried my Chase visa credit card--rejected; tried again--rejected. At this point, we should have left the store, instead, we stood in line, embarrassed, and managed to only put back 2 items and had enough cash between us to pay. I used this same Visa a month earlier. Their only explanation--"sometimes the Visa will work, and sometimes it won't".

They refunded my membership dues.

I will never, ever, ever go near there again.Very overrated.

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I'm a new member at Sam's and I wasn't aware of this little fact until check out...Visa is all I had with me & all the cashier could say was 'sorry'.

It made me so mad I don't know if I'll ever go back.It was such a waste of my time!


If you paid attention dms22 you would understand that she hadn't maxed out her card they just DON"T ACCEPT VISA CREDIT CARDS. I know because I have done the same thing and I know I had the available credit because my card was new and had never been used so u are showing ur stupidity or just can't comprehend normal english.


Visa check cards should work even if you're running them as credit..but Sam's Club does not accept Visa credit so your Chase credit card wouldn't have worked anyways.

Sometimes the Visa check cards have to be run on the actual register as opposed to the signature pads, at least that's the experience I've had.If not, it could be a bank issue (and not necessarily insufficient funds so don't jump all over my case since you're clearly overly defensive and slightly crazy).



Also, my card was NOT accepted after putting back two items--I put back two items because $278.00 was all the cash I could scrape up to pay the bill. I just have walked out and left the junk on the counter. Please don't try to help me when you don't know what you're talking about.



And they very definitely told me that my card would not work.helpful comments only, please.


Don't blame Sam's Club...THEY are not rejecting your card.

Your card provider is rejecting it!

If your card was accepted after putting back two items then you were obviously over your available limit and that's your stupidity ...NOT Sam's Club.

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