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We purchased a mattress set online from Sam's Club and we were not able to get the box spring into our home by any means, We then tried to return just the box spring to a local Sam's Club. We contacted them first to find out what we needed to do.

We brought the box spring and the necessary paperwork to the returns desk and they wouldn't take the box spring back under any circumstances other than as a complete set. We explained that would leave us without a bed until we could get a new one delivered. They made no attempt to better the situation other than recommending that we buy a mattress from their store. We then explained the reason we bought it online was so that we could get the mattress we wanted since they didn't sell that particular mattress at their store.

We then explained a few different ways that the transaction could be completed, but they said they could not take it, except under the aforementioned circumstances. This is a broken process and we ended up donating the box spring to Good Will and we will no longer shop at Sam's Club due to this incident.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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If you bought it as a set, then you have to return it as a set. It's not as if they can offer a partial return. That's a standard business practice.