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During a recent trip to Sam's Club in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, when we went to check out, we were unpleasantly surprised to find out that we could not use my parents Sam's Club Membership Card and my Ohio EBT Card together. I know countless other families that were able to, but we were told that we couldn't, and that I had to have a membership there as well.

I honestly cannot afford to purchase a membership from them with my limited $355 a month income (for 2 people), beint unemployed does not allow me the luxuries that others can afford. Can you remedy this awefule issue?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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yes buy at walmart they take both cards


Hate hate hate! I know that the kind of people that make comments like "coach purse and iPhone" are just really hateful!

Those people would look down on anyone using foodstamps no matter what purse, phone or clothes they are wearing! If you are hateful do yourself a favor and donate a small amount of your fabulous time to doing something helpful to mankind.

Selfless activity is richly rewarding and will definatly detour you from the senseless slander of others! Bless the world!


or someone the needs the money, acording to the goverment, trades it to their crack dealer for half the value in ***.yep our tax money hard at work.


I can't believe this thread is still active. I commented a few weeks ago but its buried now.

Since my comment is the most relevant to the original post I will re-post it. Especially since the thread is really off topic now. "Just like the last thread about Sams denying Food Stamp cards, if your name is not on it you may not use it. That is the law.

Don't get mad because Sams sometimes follows the law. Just because you have been getting away with it does not make it legal. Just because everyone you know has been getting away with it does not make it legal. I'm surprised that this is happening so much because at my Sams it is clear that the managers don't want us to get involved.

As far as your Dad's membership being denied that is because he is a member and you are not. If you want to shop there buy a membership. If you don't like their policies don't shop there. Other possible solutions are to go shopping with your Dad or have him put you on as a complimentary membership.

BTW, you call this a luxury?

If you are on food stamps are you really in a position to indulge in luxuries? If you can't calculate how Sams gives you the best value for your dollars spent there then you really should not be shopping there."


Some people are on food stamps for a real darn good reason. Then of course you have your scamers but you will always have those lazy SOB.

People who have worked their whole life and paid taxes their whole life ends up with a medical condition such as cancer or brain tumors and those are things you have no control over so your job is taken from you and the $$$$ you had goes to your living expenses along with medical bills. SO for all you dumb fools saying all these ignorant comments about food stamps I PRAY YOU NEVER GET A MEDICAL CONDITION OR SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOU OR YOUR FAMILY AND YOU END UP @ZZED OUT NEEDING HELP...


Its amazing to see all the negative comments. Answer the question to help in this situation.

Losere you said thank Obama for unemployment. First its President Obama and when he took office he was given a handful of *** to fix from President Bush. Think about it if he hadn't bailed out the car factory think of the countless men, women, and children who would be without homes or food. Looked what he did with health care doesn't everyone deserve to be seen and treated for health problems.

The Sams employees, go stock some shelves and shut the heck up. Finally, for the lady who commented about her and her husband being laid off. Well honey if you were already making a nice salary than you should have been able to set back money. This person may have worked minimal wage and we all know that's very little to nothing.

You people need to get God in your life and stop looking down on people unless you are trying to help them. For the record I have a bachelors and masters in Social Work, Masters in Education, and a Doctorate in Education.

So I'm not lazy, and I feel our government needs to help students more with college education and loan debt. Now what?


Survival of the fittest. Get the weak out of the way so the other people can live.


Forgot to say... I worked 2 jobs when I worked at Sams.

About 70 hours a week. So i had some serious issues with those feeling entitled.. and abusing the system.

You dont save enough to justify the membership fee if you are on food stamps. Some have the fee paid..

so thats fine.. but omg.. what is it with the cakes??? Here in the south especially, it is huge in the African-American culture to order cakes for every little thing.

When my kids were young I learned how to make a cake.

for under 5 bucks.. for their parties..

If you have no decorating talent just use cupcakes!!! cheap and easy and tatse better than store bought.


Sams Club is a membership club. You must have a membership to shop there.

You cannot use someone else's membership. Sometimes a busy harried cashier will not notice, but that doesn't mean it's ok.

I have seen LOTS of food stamp abuse here. DAILY.

People using foos stamnps to buy party stuff... to buy supplies for their business (subway) shopping with a friend who pays with the food stamp card ...on and on and on...

coach purse...

newest iphone.. food stamps!!


I have no problem with you being on food stamps. Do they even use that term any more?

I will assume you are an honest hardworking person, and hope that is true. However, I can not stand your opinion of entitlement that makes you so indignent that they will not make special rules for you. You are not suppose to use your father's card. You are not a member.

Do I fault you for trying? Not really. Do I think your outrage at being "caught" is ridiculous? Absolutely.

Do you use your family's gym membership also? Check on seeing if you can be added to your father's account as a family member.

Otherwise, ask for it for Christmas, if it is so important to you. I do wish you the best, but hope you get over this "the world owes me" attitude.


All of you jerks who are judging someone you don't know need to take a step back! This is still a human being asking a legitimate question!

God despises this nastiness and karma is a ***! ***! And for the record I'm not on food stamps. If you have a problem with this program, maybe you should get rid of all the dirty corrupt politicians stealing money out of your pockets, also!

Or is that ok, because the have college degrees? Fools!


Excuse my typos. My hands are deformed from rheumatoid arthritis.


Some people are lazy, don't want to work, or DO work under the table and don't report it so they can scam the system. Screw those people.

But you know what? Not everyone who has food stamps is a *** bag. There are people out there who are working hard and trying but just can't cut it. Get a job at McDonald's you say?

Do you really think a single moter could live on that? Maybe if she and her children lived in a one bedroom apartment and bought nothing but food, and paid just utilities and rent. I get the feeling that a lot of these sneeing, judgemental *** either never had to face difficulties or are kids who aren't out in the world yet. Let me tell you something...I have a college degree.

I make good money. I live in a big house, my kids are well taken care of, and I'm a single mom. But guess what? I'm SICK.

Slowly dying. I have to quit my job in the very near future because I can't even walk anymore without a cane. I paid into Social Security, and I'll eventually collect disability, but it's a long drawn out process. In the meantime, I will have to OMG...collect food stamps as my savings will not last that long.

Does that make ME a lazy ***? A loser? Because I WANT to work, do NOT want to sit down and lose the job I love so much and everything I've worked so hard for?

You people need to wake up, check out the world around you, and realize that not everyone fits your narrowminded view of needing help when times are tough. I don't know what happened to people to make them so nasty.


If it is not your name on the card you can't use it. Plain and simple, what part of that do you not understand. Take your EBT Card and shop at Marc's in Ohio.


My advice to the OP is go back to school, learn how to spell and stop complaining when others pay for your food.


Shut off your internet service,cell phone, and no more video games. Then get a job pretty straight forward.

Go to a temp service or job service or mcdonalds.

Get a job and quit whining that your lard butt cant buy a 5 pound bucket of slaw to go with the 40 pounds of cream corn you wanted. GET A JOB LOOSER


I have know idea how this thread went this way....its nice to see that you all say SHAME on you gvmnt for not letting your people die.


But yes I also would boy buy a member shi at Sam clubs i wouldn't waste my money to shop at SAMs club I onl shop where shopping is a pleasure publix where I can get bogo you can't beat that...SAMs is not even a good deal it's *** place you can do way better when things are bogo at publix


God you people are all dumb I swear I have food stamps And I work full *** time and take care my kids no child support so you know what for my one dead beat father that's my child support so i don't care about having it be very hard without it and I am also a extreme couponer so I stretch my money to go even farthe I don't buy sodas and chips and. Lab. Lah I buy good stuff and most time I get all the junk food for free anyways and I say the same I hope you mother *** loose your jobs just b.c I didn't go to college don't mean I don't make money I make 20 a hour and I still get food stamps with two kids and I work my *** off and pay my taxes since I was 15 I been working never been without a job


All EBT should be stopped immediately. Nothing but a scam on the working taxpayers to give the nonworking tax-takers free food.