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I spent my life working for Sams Club 8165 in Sioux Falls, SD. I worked my way up to Assistant Management.

I was supposed to be the club manager when Cody walked out but I was in a tie with Allison (another assistant that is very sloppy) because she claimed she was ready to be the manager. So Sams decided to bring a new manager in from Ohio instead of promoting me. That was a total disappointment.

The other management is terrible. Corporate was constantly investigating many things usually between Trenity, Allison and Peggy.

Brittney and Joe Laske was the best Assistant and had a clean record.

I led this Club through the pandemic through lots of blood sweat and tears. They fired me claiming I intentionally hit an employee with the fork lift. Thats total bologna. Candy, that employee, always sticks her rear out in the way.

It was a total set up.

What a nice way Sams to be loyal to your best Assistant. I have a $600 a month car payment and now Im unemployed during these tough times.

Harrison Smith

Sams Club 8165

3201 S Louise Ave

Sioux Falls, SD 57106


User's recommendation: Go to Costco.

Preferred solution: My job back .

Sams Club Cons: Tire center, Inability to undo damage caused by an incompetent worker, Rude employees, Shipping, Be carefull.

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Oh honey, that whole store is messed up. What about the drug task force questioning Amber for buying pot from dreadheads in the parking lot?

Oh, or the stolen wallet found in the tampon holder? This store should be shut down.


Just so everyone knows Claudette Vallee-Cohen wrote this!


It is obvious why you were fired. You are always putting down other managers and making them look bad. This shows that you are not manager material because you are not a team player.With your attitude good luck getting your job back.


Now they can move forward with Unionizing Sam’s Club now that you’re gone and Jamie is too!


you need to take this down Harrison. Everybody at the store is embarrassed by this


I agree. This is very embarrassing and immature!


Magically the best managers are your girl friend Britney and roommate Joe


Which shouldn’t be allowed in a work Place


Brittney Smith and Harrison Smith are engaged now


So Who hit the employee with the forklift since you stated it was not you?


ummm jordan

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