Tulsa, Oklahoma

Spent $260 at Sams this weekend and the oranges, peaches were dry. Baught a rotis.

chicken and it wasnt cooked at all. Called that morning to see if they had float noodles in stock which they said they did. We get there spend 20 min looking for them and told they were sold out the day before.

The person checking us out made two errors wich my wife caught that would of cost over $50 and the checker didnt even appologize for her mistakes. This weekend we will shop at our local store and feel good for doing so.

Not renewing my card...!

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It is a glorified Walmart. Concerned about profit. Consumers demanding the best quality for the cheapest price are partly to blame.

You can't expect highest quality at a company that gets its products from China.

No Frills warehouse.. remember that people!!!

You stay past closing.. line up for opening... get pissed at lines at check out but want cheap prices.. want Cadillac service at Hyundai prices.

Returns..wow..Sams takes anything. And you all know it. And abuse it.

Books.. we know you read it.

pressure washers.. yeah house and driveway done.. yeah we know.


You get over charged because your cashiers are all overworked and underpaid.. trying to hurry so they don't get yelled at. Doing all the heavy lifting of all those bulk items while the men stand there and watch.. letting you do all of that. people walking in 10 min before closing and spending 45 min shopping. Now, we are into OT. less cashiers available for tomorrow.. They are out of hours.. now we have even longer lines because there are less cashiers.. on and on and on.

Oh and lets not let them be full time and have access to benefits.. Noooo that would cost the company money.

And You all are going to walk to customer service and complain that someone wasn't "friendly" enough. LOL!!!!!


I was a Sam's club cardholder and I trusted the store's integrity but no more. They have resorted to sneaky tricks to rip you off, i.e.

water filled sponges in their chicken beast packaging, 24 hour expiration dates, deceiving packaging (low quality meat cut hiding beneath prime cuts), replacement of high quality to low quality products to improve their margins. That Samsung dvd player is junk (had one replaced the 2nd is just as bad, 6 month disposables. I've found other wholesale outlets that I trust.

I just hope Walmart's greed at the expense of their best customers leads to their stock market decline along with management bonuses. They had it all but got too greedy!