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I attended your store in Des Plaines, Illinois today, 6/13/08, during my lunch break around 11:20 or shorttly thereafter, with two co-workers. We ate lunch. All of us had your hot dog deal for $1.66. I openly expressed to my co-workers and the cashier while paying for my purchase, "this is really cheap? Are you sure?" And the cashier reply, "Yes". I paid. We ate and shopped. (My co-worker has the Sam Club Card.) I purchased and went back to work. I would say approximately less than an hour, I was feeling ill. I came home and had to rest and is still not feeling well. (Prior to ordering, I asked the Cashier was the hot dogs 100% beef, because I don't eat pork, and the Cashier confirmed that their were.)

If your organizations (Sam and Wal-Mart) is profitting and your are selling cheap products to your customers, which are making them ill, you are truly cheap and what the media and citizens' have complainted about your organization regarding treatment of employees, have filtered to your customers. I think you shuold reconsider your tactics. I can assure you that I will NOT be attending either store from this point forward and those who mention going to your establishments, I will advise them not to go. I eat good food and when someone of your status and stature, invite your customers to have a meal, make sure it's a Kosher and not a Ballpark. If I continue to feel ill I will be going to the hospital and you will be receiving a bill.


Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Dog Food.

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@Ghostbuster: Everybody has eColi in their lower intestines, except for the 7th strain of eColi (the one nicknamed "dead within the week").

To the original poster: Sam's uses Nathan Koser hotdogs.

Most likely you had a bug, or your digestive system just didn't like that greasy hotdog. Also, we are holding to your promise of not shopping at Sam's Clubs or at Walmarts anymore.


You were the only oe got sick, so it is something you ate prior.


Sam's Club actually does use only Nathan's all beef, kosher hot dogs. It actually is that cheap.

It's not that hard to believe, hot dogs are inexpensive. You may or may not have had food poisoning. It's a fairly common thing, but nearly impossible to prove.

But, I have customers that come in every day, always order the hot dog combo, and always tell me how good it was.

We always have to check the temperatures of the food we cook and always have to record it in the temperature log.

Our managers always double check the log, several times a day, and we always have to throw away hot dogs that have been in the steamer for too long. Not to mention, food poisoning usually takes longer than an hour to set in, so maybe your real problem is that you shouldn't be shoveling greasy food into your face.


I have one of Sam's Clubs Nathans hot-dogs (its $1.88 here) a few times a week without a problem. I doubt the problem was with the hot dog company.

If it was the hot dog at all, it may have been a preparation issue, but you'd have to have some proof, if your friends did not get sick, than thats less likely.

Perhaps you caught a bug which manifested with coincidental timing. I would discuss it with the store's Fresh Foods Manager or General Manager.


They use Nathan's hotdogs which are a longstanding name brand. Perhaps it was you.

Perhaps, they should have feeded that ROTTEN hotdog to you instead of their loyal consumers. It just show you Sam's Club dont care about its consumers. They'll poison you feed you rotten food just to make a buck.


They use Nathan's hotdogs which are a longstanding name brand. Perhaps it was you.


I agree Sam's clubs are losers. I never shop there. The employees are rude, and not helpful at all.


I'm not surprised you got sick from sam club food. Sam club's stuff is cheap and nasty just like its employees.

I wouldnt be caught dead at there store.

Sam's club has no class, and the people that go there should know that. They are low-life crooks that should be SHUTDOWN!


If you get sick after a meal, it most likely could have been food poisoning. What I do if this happens is get myself some Oil of Oregano.

It comes in a 4oz bottle with a dropper tube at the health food store and put half a tube under my tongue and hold it there for a minute, then take some juice and swish it in your mouth before swallowing and then finally swallow.

Believe me... this works!


Did your friends get sick as well. If it is an isolated case you have to prove the hot dog made you sick.

But a $1.66 meal is good. Then again you get what you paid for. I am sure there was some meat from dead birds or skunks killed on the road to make the hot dog so cheap. Maybe it was left for days and rotted and that is why your hotdog made you sick.

If your friends got sick you have a case, if not it could be something else.

Or it could be the food because sometimes bad food effects some people and not others. Hope you feel better and it did not have ecolia.